Sir Ken Robinson: Creativity

Evaluate these thoughts:

  • Legislation destroys creativity
  • Standardized testing has become an obsession
  • The thought has been to learn things in school that lead to jobs
  • Industrialization has shaped modern education
  • For math and science, the question is asked, “how can we make it better.” For art, there needs to be a space created for dialogue and discussion to even take place. Why?
  • Our current system is obsolete
  • Promote innovation and creativity
  • Education+Culture+Commerce
  • Organizations are having trouble with complexity
  • Promoting creativity is a bottom line imperative
  • For most of human history we have led local lives and communicated primarily with those around us. Today we act differently
  • Technology is in its infancy
  • Within the next ten years, computers may go from algorithms to rewriting their own operating systems
  • We direct people to jobs we believe will be available
  • Misconceptions: Only special people are creative
  • We can’t wait to change education, children cannot postpone their lives
  • There are three types of people (trying to change education):
  1. Immovable: you are never going to change their thoughts, do not bother
  2. Movable: might be able to be persuaded
  3. Movers: those who create change
  • Create the right conditions
  • Encourage students at what they are good at
  • Special knowledge is a complex set of disciplines
  • Do attempt to teach “academic disciplines” through the arts, because what you are saying is that art is not academic and then not worthy to stand side by side next to such things as math and science.

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