Make a Movie: Part One

I currently teach 6th Grade Math, Technology and Spanish and its always exciting for students, not to mention myself, to make a movie about what we are studying. There are many ways to make a video or movie. You can simply have students shoot raw footage of the content of your choice, transfer it to your computer and display it to the whole class or place it on your class website for everyone to enjoy! You can get a little more sophisticated and import your video into some software, like Garageband which is part of the Apple iLife suite, which also is bundled with iPhoto and iMovie. With Garageband you can add narration video or images and background music to your project. On the Windows side, I have only used Audacity which does the job for composing audio but lacks the image and video components of your project. I did some research on a product for windows that is very intriguing. It does a very similar job to Garageband and most importantly it has the capability of combining images or videos and narration to your project. The name of this software is Acoustica Mixcraft 5.

  • Checkout Mixcraft 5:
  • These are just some of many ways to go and make a movie from your content and have some fun along the way.For those of you who really want to wow ’em and take your movies to the next level, there are more robust programs such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Quick Time and Avid Technologies just to name a few. I recently came across a piece of software that I have not used yet, but I am certainly taking a look at and it is Illusion Mage. Click on the link and watch some of the videos of what it can do. Simply “Amazing.” Stay tuned for part two of this blog post, where I am going to show you how to use some of this software and give you some ideas on projects that you can put together for your students!



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  1. I tend to agree with you. I didn’t see the keynote but I do see sinfigicant differences in the approach and expectations we all have: I was also impressed and excited by the innovations of iWork which is on it’s way to me I ordered just after reading the review and seeing the demo.Down to earth helpful applications are what we need in a world that is coming to terms with reality and by the way I’m against cloud computing and will never give up my desktop applications my data is important to me. I want it here on my laptop and (at least) a backup copy. Redundancy is essential all the time and everywhere. I hope Steve R.s bog is back now so I can drop a line there too !