Where do you get your inspiration?


Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Inspiration emotionally keeps me interested, grounded, it is my super power. Inspiration is so important because it is rooted in humanity which means people providing power and energy to other people. It comes in the the form of books, movies, speeches, interviews, observations, conversations and so much more. In education, if we do not continue to seek inspiration, we slowly stop feeling and die creatively. I visited a school recently during Global School Play Day, where every last student was smiling, having fun and actively engaged in their chosen activities. I was lucky enough to play card games, checkers, watch students drawing and even got into a game of flag football. Watching kids play is extremely inspiring and continues to remind me that I have an obligation as an educator to create opportunities for teachers to find their inspirations so they can provide students around the world with engaging, rich environments of learning.

I have spent the last sixteen years trying to make kids smile, get to know them, allow them to know me and lately, open myself up to educators so that together we can create a whole new world of learners. Learning is so much more than digesting information and if we can place a high priority on engaging students, making them smile and placing them in positions to fail so they can succeed, we will have an army of sophisticated, empathetic communities.

You Must Do The Things You Think You Cannot Do

                                                -Eleanor Roosevelt

Below are a list of books, movies, speeches and so on that have inspired me. What inspires you? Leave comments below.

Creative Schools by Sir Ken Robinson
Drive by Daniel Pink
Crush It by Gray Vaynerchuk

Coach Carter
Lone Survivor
Stand and Deliver

I Have A Dream
The Gettysburg Address