Quick Classroom Activity: Photography & Poetry


2015-06-14 23.20.46

Here is an activity that can be a class starter or center or a stand alone assignment that allows students and teachers to incorporate technology and writing.

Have the students go out with their iPad or mobile device and capture two images that they they believe compliment each other. Next, using a photo blending app such as the iOS app Photoblend, edit the images to their liking and have them use the image as inspiration to create a poem. Students can save their edited image to their camera roll and them import into a writing or presentation app that allows them to combine their image with their writing that they can then share with the teacher and the world!

Here is my example poem:

On The Tracks
When I’m on the tracks I can go where I want
I dream Arizona, Boston or even Vermont
When I’m on the tracks I feel the movement of the train
With every forward bump and sway there is excitement to gain
When I’m on the tracks it reminds me of my past
As kid putting pennies on the track to get smashed
Most of all it just peaceful with lives moving about
At the end of their journeys with with families no doubt