First Week Of School! Set the tone for a fun-filled year!

There is nothing like the first week of school. It is filled with excitement, the unknown and so much anticipation from students, parents and teachers. You can never ever make the first day of school and subsequently the first week of school too fun and memorable. Go all out and let your students know that they matter and that you want them to have the best environment possible for learning, inquiring and asking questions, lots of questions!

Top 10 simple things you can do for your students on the first day! (They do not require much prep!)
10. Engage students in conversation all day
9. Call them by their first name
8. Found out what they like and they don’t like
7. Let them know more about you
6. Meet them at the front of the door (daily)
5. Play games
4. Give them time to talk to each other
3. Laugh
2. Smile often (’til it hurts)
1. Love them, they are special people and you will be with them for 180 days!

There will be time all week to let the students know about your grading policies, where the bathrooms are and rules and regulations of your classroom, but the list above is the secret to your success, the bridge to engagement and best of all you will have set in motion an environment that is unique to you and your students and for this you will be rewarded with 180 days of magic!


Some resources for the first week of school activities:

Leave some great ideas with a link to a resource that you are going to use this year or that you have used in the past! Seriously, have a super-duper, awesome year!!!